Miami Roundtable 2016

The Insurance Insider

It’s a great privilege to have a ringside seat when something exciting is happening in the industry.

With its great communications, advantageous time zone, prime dollar-based onshore location and international business focus, Miami has always been a great place from which to organise Latin American trade and finance.

But its emergence as a significant (re)insurance hub is only relatively recent. These are exciting times for the South Florida metropolis.

Some of those that have been located in Miami since the early 1990s would scoff at the suggestion that it is in the early stages of development, but in global terms it is refreshingly new.

The market lacks the incumbent structures of a long-established international insurance trading centre like London. But this might be its trump card. As long as tough money-laundering rules are adhered to, the local regulator appears unconcerned about the conduct of international business here – or more likely, it is still unaware of its existence.

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