Barents Re Enters the Bond Market in Turkey

Barents Re’s continued expansion into the international Bonds market gathers pace following the company’s speech at the Surety Bonds Seminar held in Istanbul, Turkey on 11thApril 2018. Thelaws enacted to regulate the Turkish Surety Bonds alongside the changes introduced into the Turkish Public Procurement Law approving surety bonds in public tenders provided the ideal platform for Barents Re to speak about its expertise and build its credentials in the country and the wider region.

Attendees representing a significant number of the most important insurance companies were present at the event organised by Han Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers. Barents Re’s message was very well received and players in the local market were delighted that a specialised reinsurer with Barents Re’s reputation can bring its know-how into a marketplace with huge potential in this class of business.

The construction industry will be a significant driver of Turkey’s economic development in the next ten years as billions are to be invested in new buildings as well as demolishing and rebuilding old properties in line with new construction regulations.